Eid with Akropong school for the Blind (Photos)

May 20, 2021


Akropong school for the Blind

The 2021 Eid-ul-fitr celebrations didn’t go leaving Akropong school for the Blind out.

Eid celebration organised by Elamin and Sabith with the help of friends from facebook made way from Accra to Akropong, Eastern region, to put smiles on the faces of the pupils in the school for the Blind. 

Item such as cloths, shoes, dresses, dry foods and many more were donated to the school.

Organisers made sure variety of cooked foods were present for the feast.

According to the organisers, Elamin and Sabith,

“Every year we cook varieties of food and made sure we go there to share with them as Sallah celebration with all the kids, both Muslims and Christians.

We also add dry foods, clothes, such as Abaya, foot wear and whole lots”

This charity event takes place a day or two after the eid celebrations.

Some of the sponsors of the program included Zongo Focus, Invisible Foundation with major donor being SGC Farms.

View photos below:


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