Hanan Abdul-Wahab tipped to win Pusiga seat for the NPP

August 22, 2023


Chief Executive Officer of the Buffer Stock Company in
Hanan Abdul-Wahab has been
tipped to win the Pusiga Constituency seat on behalf of the New Patriotic Party
(NPP) in the 2024 Election. He is aiming to defeat Madam Laadi Ayii Ayamba from
the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who has been the Member of Parliament
for three terms.

Hanan Abdul-Wahab is the only NPP member running in the
NPP Primaries to contest the Pusiga Constituency seat. This has led to
speculation that he could pose a significant challenge to the incumbent who
plans to represent the NDC once again.

Hanan has played an important role within the NPP in
northern Ghana. Before the 2020 election, he was part of the campaign team for
two regions: Upper East and Northern Region. He is known for his strong support
for the NPP and its values.

Hanan is also known for his charitable work. He started
the Aludiba Foundation, an organization that helps poor, disadvantaged,
elderly, and young people. This foundation has been active across northern
Ghana, offering free medical screenings, surgeries, and financial support for
medical needs. They have supported both Christian and Muslim communities during
important celebrations. The foundation has also provided ambulances to several
communities in the Upper East Region.

People who support the NPP in Pusiga believe that Hanan
is the right person to improve the party’s standing in the area and contribute
to the development of Pusiga.
His campaign team highlights
numerous projects and initiatives he has been associated with, including
sponsoring educational programs, helping job-seekers secure positions,
supporting needy students, contributing to healthcare facilities and water
projects, support for chieftaincy and religious institutions among others.


Hanan Abdul-Wahab has an educational background in
agricultural engineering and post-harvest technology. He studied at several
universities, including the University for Development Studies and Henan
University of Technology in China. He has worked in the Ministry of Food and
Agriculture and has held various positions within the National Food Buffer
Stock Company (NAFCO), eventually becoming its Chief Executive Officer, a
position he currently holds.  

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