Bawumia enskinned as ‘Benkelemasa’ by Chief of Wangara

November 26, 2023

Dr. Bawumia enskinned as 'Benkelemasa' by Chief of Wangara

In a momentous ceremony during the 25th Anniversary of the Annual Benkade Kurubi Festival, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was enskinned as ‘Benkelemasa,’ which translates to “the one who unites,” by Chief Masaba Fanyinama III of Ghana’s Wangara Community in Kintampo.

The Wangara Community Chief, Masaba Fanyinama III, praised Dr. Bawumia for his positive character as a unifier who bridges gaps between diverse groups.

“Dr. Bawumia is one who reaches out to all groups and brings people together to promote unity,” remarked Chief Fanyinama during the colorful ceremony.

He commended Dr. Bawumia’s leadership style, emphasizing his sense of unity, tolerance, and outreach to various groups, including Christians despite being a Muslim. Chief Fanyinama highlighted Dr. Bawumia’s attendance and participation in numerous Christian functions as a testament to his commitment to religious tolerance.

Congratulating the Vice President on his election as the flagbearer of the NPP, Chief Fanyinama noted that Dr. Bawumia’s election was evidence of his dedication to unity, honesty, humility, and hard work.

Dr. Bawumia expressed gratitude for the honor, pledging to uphold his principles of being a leader for all. He called for the reinforcement of peace and unity, urging against divisive tactics based on tribal or religious lines.

“Let us not entertain people who try to divide us along tribal or religious lines. In Ghana, Muslims and Christians continue to live together. We have tolerance for each other, and we will continue to live with each other in harmony, and nobody will divide us for political purposes,” emphasized Dr. Bawumia.

The Kurubi Festival, which brought together Wangara Chiefs and groups from across Ghana, served as the backdrop for this significant event, highlighting the importance of unity and cultural celebrations in fostering a harmonious society.

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