BBC Exposes Allegations of Mass Sexual Crimes by Pastor TB Joshua

January 8, 2024
Sexual Crimes by Pastor TB Joshua

In a groundbreaking investigation spanning three continents, the BBC has uncovered disturbing allegations of mass-scale sexual crimes committed by TB Joshua, a charismatic Nigerian leader of one of the world’s largest evangelical churches. The revelations stem from testimony provided by dozens of survivors, suggesting that Joshua engaged in systematic abuse and rape of young women from around the world over nearly two decades.

The investigation traces back to 2002 when a 21-year-old woman named Rae mysteriously disappeared after visiting Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Lagos. Rae’s friends, who accompanied her on the trip, describe the church compound as a nightmarish world where followers lived in a concrete labyrinth, enduring unimaginable horrors.

Carla (left) with Rae – she says she is devastated that she came home without her best friend

BBC’s two-year investigation involved more than 15 journalists, collaborating with international media platform Open Democracy. Testimonies from over 25 eyewitnesses and victims from various countries, including the UK, Nigeria, Ghana, US, South Africa, and Germany, were gathered to corroborate the allegations against Joshua. The most recent accounts date back to 2019.

Former followers have previously attempted to expose the abuse but claim they were silenced or discredited by Scoan. The investigation reveals instances of physical assault, with a security guard reportedly firing shots near the BBC crew while filming outside the church.

TB Joshua, regarded as one of the most influential pastors in African history, unexpectedly passed away in June 2021, just days after the initial interviews for the investigation. The Synagogue Church of All Nations, now led by Joshua’s widow Evelyn and a new team of disciples, did not respond to the specific allegations but stated that previous claims against Joshua were unfounded.

Anneka says the videos of Joshua’s “miracles” compelled her to travel to Nigeria – and join the church

The charismatic pastor gained international fame with a massive following, attracting politicians, celebrities, and sports stars to his church. His global television and social media presence made him one of the most successful Christian networks worldwide.

                                              Jessica Kaimu says she was repeatedly raped by TB Joshua

The investigation exposes how Joshua allegedly manipulated followers through orchestrated “miracles,” documented in videos showcasing apparent healings of severe medical conditions. Former disciples claim that these events were often staged, with individuals paid or drugged to perform or exaggerate their symptoms.

                                         Agomoh Paul says he was in charge of the “miracles” production

The survivors interviewed recount instances of sexual assault, rape, and forced abortions within the compound. Joshua, who built a considerable fortune from pilgrims and various revenue streams, is accused of leading a cult-like environment with fanatical loyalty, psychological abuse, and coercive control.

                              Bisola says she was forced by Joshua to select young women for him to abuse

Despite the death of TB Joshua, the survivors express frustration at the lack of accountability and justice for the atrocities they endured. The Synagogue Church of All Nations denies the new allegations, reiterating that previous claims against Joshua were never substantiated.

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