Biography of Late Hon. E.T. Mensah

January 5, 2024
Biography of Hon. E.T. Mensah

Honourable Evangelist Dr. Enoch Teye Mensah, popularly known as E.T. Mensah, left an indelible mark on Ghana’s political landscape, sports arena, and community development. Born on May 17, 1946, in Koforidua, he hailed from the Royal Clan of Kley Abordo, Prampram, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. 

His parents, Mr. Emmanuel Teye Mensah (Niitse Goldsmith) and Madam Elizabeth Nartehkuor Nartey, instilled in him values that would guide his illustrious life.

Early Years of Life & Education:

E.T. Mensah’s educational journey began at Koforidua Methodist Primary School and later at Akorabo Methodist Primary and Middle School near Suhum. 

His parents’ relocation to Ashaiman led him to Akodzo Middle School in Tema Community One, where he excelled in the Middle School Leaving Certificate Exams in 1962. E.T. Mensah’s pursuit of knowledge continued as he attended SNAPS College of Accountancy and Secretaryship in Accra, where he later became a tutor.

Sporting Activities:

E.T. Mensah was not only an astute politician but also a remarkable football player. His sporting journey began at Akodzo Middle School, and he went on to play for notable football clubs, including Tema Hurricanes, Auroras, and Hearts of Oak. 

His dedication to sports extended beyond playing, as he contributed significantly to the development of football policies in Ghana.

Work Experience:

E.T. Mensah’s professional career was marked by roles as a College Tutor, Headmaster, Auditor, Senior Accounts Clerk, and Accountant. 

His academic achievements included being a Fellow of the American Biographical Institute and a Member of the World Conference of Mayors and Ghana Institute of Management.

Political Life and Activism:

E.T. Mensah’s political journey was characterized by a commitment to democratic ideals. He was a founding member, National Youth Organizer, and Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). 

His involvement in left-wing political study groups paved the way for the New Democratic Movement (NDM). E.T. Mensah played a pivotal role in the 1981 coup d’état led by the late President Rawlings.

Contributions to Governance and Party:

His political journey included serving as the PNDC Metropolitan Secretary for Accra for a decade, making him the longest-serving Mayor of Accra. 

He later became the Deputy PNDC Secretary for Youth and Sports, and through hard work, he rose to become the Minister of Youth and Sports from April 1993 to January 2001. His impact was also felt as a Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram and in various roles within the NDC.

Family Life, Hobbies, and Interests:

E.T. Mensah’s life extended beyond politics and sports. An avid reader, he immersed himself in history, politics, and current affairs. 

His love for hymns and the Holy Bible reflected his spiritual side. As a commissioned Evangelist, he actively participated in church activities, contributing to the spiritual growth of the Methodist Church Ghana.

Legacy and Remembering E.T. Mensah:

E.T. Mensah’s legacy is woven into the fabric of Ghana’s political and sporting history. His contributions to the development of Accra, his dedication to youth and sports, and his unwavering commitment to democratic principles have left an enduring impact. As a member of the Council of State until his untimely death, E.T. Mensah continued to serve the nation.

In honoring Hon. Evangelist Dr. Enoch Teye Mensah, we celebrate a life well-lived, marked by accomplishments, service, and a commitment to uplifting others. 

As he rests in the bosom of the Lord, his legacy remains an inspiration for future generations, a testament to the transformative power of leadership, dedication, and a heart driven by the love for one’s nation.

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