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January 22, 2024
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If you are a Singaporean and you look forward for your primary 3 child to pursue quality education that will lead him or her towards becoming a good leader to serve both personal and national interest, then you will have to take a keen and closer look at this article. This article provides detailed insights about the Gifted Education Program in Singapore, how to apply, the requirements, eligibility, and the steps involved in the application process.

What Gifted Education Programme (GEP) is

The GEP looks out for students who are academically endowed. The GEP has two ways of finding and selecting students who are in Primary 3. After the two stages are passed, successful students are then invited to become part of the programme in Primary 4.

The curriculum of GEP has been crafted to serve the needs of qualified students and it overlays the same subject areas just like the ones in conventional education only that the GEP has been broadened, spanned and detailed.

Students will be made to learn expert skills for independent query. Therefore, as student of the programme, you are required to self-motivate by taking a look at the areas of interest you have chosen.

Students selected under this programme have better chances of socializing with their mates through broad school projects, CCAs and Values-in-Action (VIA) activities. Over here, all the education scheme seeks to do is to provide learning, working and, fun-having space for students enrolled, every day.


  1. To establish academic intensity and keenness by fostering higher level reasoning

  2. To attend to high-yielding inventiveness

  3. To encourage behaviors that bring about self-motivated pursuit of knowledge

  4. To build up hope for individual accomplishments and contentment

  5. To establish a sturdy social-conscious and the will to serve the community and the country at large

  6. Last but not least is to nurture students into becoming responsible leaders by imbibing good moral values and qualities in them.

How students are identified and selected for the programme

In order to take part of the identification exercise, students must be enrolled in a Singaporean Ministry of Education primary school. Also note that students who are on the leave of absence are also eligible to take part in the identification process.

Things you should be aware of while preparing your child for the identification process

  1. Your ward’s school will give out the information on the dates for the identification and screening for your consent

  2. You are advised not to pre-test your child before the exercise as doing this will not be a true reflection of your child’s capabilities

  3. Unprepared students will have difficulties with the rigorous and enhanced curriculum of the GEP. Such students may experience nervousness that may have an effect on their self-confidence and regard.

Key dates to participate in the identification process

The identification process takes place in two folds:

August to October, 2024.

  1. Screening takes place in August, 2024. Your child’s school will communicate to you about shortlisted students in the beginning of October, 2024.

In the first part of the screening, your primary 3 child will sit for the following subjects:

  1. English Language

  2. Mathematics

  1. Secondly, selection of shortlisted students will be announced on 17th and 18th of October, 2024.

In the second part of the process, the child will as well write the following subjects:

  1. English Language

  2. Mathematics, and 

  3. General Ability

Notification of Results

Beginning of November 2024

In early November, all students who have been chosen will receive a letter to become part of education scheme. All selected students will join in Primary 4. This notification will also be communicated to parents by their child’s school. The letter also contains an invitation of parents for a GEP briefing in beginning of November, 2024.

Posting to schools’ Results

Ending of November

At the end of November, results will be delivered and parents will get emails depicting the schools their children have been posted to. Parents are encouraged to send emails to the GEP at in case they have not received any alert about their child’s posting outcomes.

Parents are again encouraged to go to their child’s immediate school and take their child’s Holistic Development Profile (HDP), also known as report book after they have received the posting results.

The GEP School your child has been accepted into will also contact you, the parent, by emailing you with some guidelines on how to make your child ready for primary 4 Education.

Below is the list of schools under the GEP programme

Some of the schools that support the Gifted Education Programme in Singapore include:

  1. Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

  2. Catholic High School (Primary)

  3. Henry Park Primary School

  4. Nan Hua Primary School

  5. Nanyang Primary School

  6. Raffles Girls’ Primary School

  7. Rosyth School

  8. St. Hilda’s Primary School

  9. Tao Nan School


The Gifted Education Programme in Singapore for Primary 3 students is like a guide that helps smart kids grow and enjoy learning. It uses a special plan of lessons, includes different subjects, and gives complete support. This program doesn’t just find smart students but also helps them do their very best. Looking ahead, the GEP stays important in Singapore’s promise to give great education, letting the amazing abilities of young minds shine.

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