List of TB Joshua’s Controversies Amid Posthumous Accusations

January 8, 2024


Temitope Balogun Joshua, widely known as TB Joshua, left a significant mark on the religious landscape as the founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Even after his passing 30 months ago, the late televangelist continues to be a subject of controversies and criticisms, with the recent release of a BBC Africa documentary shedding light on alleged atrocities and sexual crimes committed by the revered pastor.

Chronicle of Controversies:

1) Church Building Collapse (2014):

In September 2014, tragedy struck when a church hostel belonging to TB Joshua collapsed in Lagos, resulting in the death of at least 115 people. Joshua attributed the incident to a strange aircraft hovering above the building, as seen in a video released on YouTube. However, the coroner’s report concluded that structural failure was the cause, challenging Joshua’s explanation.

2) Alleged Sham Miracles:

Despite having a massive following that included presidents and politicians, TB Joshua faced skepticism regarding his purported miracle powers. Critics labeled his healings and resurrections as staged or fake, casting doubt on the authenticity of his spiritual acts.

3) Kola Olawuyi’s Exposé (2021):

Late broadcaster and investigative journalist Kola Olawuyi ran a series on his Nkan Mbe radio program, featuring former backroom staff and SCOAN members who disclosed alleged atrocities, including occultism within TB Joshua’s church.

4) Cameroon Government’s Ban:

Over a decade ago, the Cameroonian government blacklisted SCOAN, accusing TB Joshua of being an agent of Satan performing “diabolical miracles.” The foreign affairs minister labeled Joshua a “son of the devil” pretending to be a “man of God,” leading to a ban on Cameroonians seeking miracles at his church.

5) TB Joshua’s Tax Haven Scandal (2016):

Documents obtained from the Panama Papers leak revealed that TB Joshua and his wife incorporated a company in the British Virgin Islands, a known tax haven. The revelation raised questions about financial transparency, although Joshua denied ownership of the company.

6) 2019 Allegation of Sexual Misconduct:

In 2019, amidst the outrage against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA, a woman came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against TB Joshua. She claimed to have been trapped in his church for 14 years before finding freedom, authoring a book about her experience.

BBC Documentary:

The recent BBC Africa documentary, presented by the program “Africa Eye,” adds another layer to the controversies surrounding TB Joshua. The investigative report alleges mass-scale sexual crimes committed by Joshua, with testimonies from dozens of survivors spanning three continents. Despite the seriousness of the allegations, SCOAN did not respond to the specific accusations.

Jim Iyke’s 2013 Encounter:

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke shared his 2013 experience at TB Joshua’s church in a recent interview. He explained that he sought prayers at the church due to his mother’s influence, adding a personal perspective to the ongoing discourse.

Pastor Evelyn’s Plea for Prayer:

On a different note, Pastor Evelyn, the widow of TB Joshua, addressed the Synagogue Church congregation on her 55th birthday, expressing a need for prayers. Her statement came amid the intensifying scrutiny surrounding the late pastor and the church.

Photo of TB Joshua and Wife

The controversies surrounding TB Joshua persist, with each revelation adding layers to the narrative. As discussions continue, it remains essential to approach the allegations with sensitivity and a commitment to uncovering the truth. The ongoing scrutiny underscores the complexities within religious institutions and the need for transparency and accountability.

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