WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme 2024

January 5, 2024

WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme 2024

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of biotechnology with the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP) as we proudly unveil the WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme. 

This groundbreaking initiative is meticulously crafted to catalyze the emergence of pioneering biotech start-ups not only in Ghana but across the entire African continent.

Table of Content

Program Components

Benefits of WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme

Requirements for WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme

Application Deadline

How to Apply

Program Components:

1. Entrepreneurship Training Course:

   Immerse yourself in a comprehensive Entrepreneurship Training Course that equips you with the essential tools to translate your biotech ideas into market-ready start-ups. 

This course is delivered in collaboration with the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Innovation and Incubation Hub, the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID), and the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST). 

It serves as the foundation for aspiring biotech entrepreneurs, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of turning scientific innovations into successful businesses.

The Entrepreneurship Training Course spans a transformative five days, during which participants delve into the intricacies of biotech entrepreneurship. 

The curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including market analysis, business planning, funding strategies, and regulatory considerations specific to the biotech sector.

 Facilitated by seasoned experts and industry leaders, this course aims to empower participants with the practical skills necessary to transform innovative ideas into sustainable and market-ready ventures.

2. Incubation Programme:

   The Incubation Programme is a pivotal phase where your fledgling biotech business receives dedicated support and resources, fostering growth and sustainability. 

This stage is designed to provide a nurturing environment for start-ups, ensuring they have the guidance and resources necessary to thrive in the competitive biotech industry.

During the two-month Incubation Programme, selected participants will benefit from a comprehensive suite of resources, including mentorship from seasoned professionals, access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and networking opportunities with industry leaders. 

The incubation period serves as a crucial bridge between the conceptualization of a biotech idea and its practical implementation as a thriving business. This immersive experience allows entrepreneurs to fine-tune their business models, address challenges, and lay the groundwork for sustainable growth.

3. Funding Scheme:

   Unlock the full potential of your research projects with a tailored funding scheme designed for exceptional ventures. 

Participants in the WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme have the opportunity to access up to $5,000.00 in seed funding for at least three incubator start-ups.

 Additionally, there is an exploration of collaborative funding opportunities with partners such as the Resolution Project, expanding the avenues for financial support.

The funding scheme is not just a financial injection but a strategic partnership to propel the most promising biotech ventures toward success.

It provides the necessary capital to turn innovative ideas into tangible products or services, ensuring that groundbreaking solutions in the field of biotechnology receive the support needed to reach their full potential.

Benefits of WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme

– Access to up to $5,000.00 seed funding for a minimum of three incubator start-ups.

– Exploration of collaborative funding with esteemed partners like the Resolution Project.

– Prestigious Certificate in the Essentials of Biotech Entrepreneurship jointly awarded by WACCBIP, UGBS Innovation Hub, and IAST upon successful completion of the five-day boot camp.

The aim of the WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme goes beyond mere financial support. It aspires to create a vibrant ecosystem where innovation thrives, connecting budding entrepreneurs with industry experts, mentors, and investors. 

The benefits extend beyond the immediate financial gains, offering a holistic approach to business development that encompasses mentorship, networking, and recognition.

Requirements for WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme

– WACCBIP fellows, interns, students, and alumni are encouraged to apply.

– Young biological scientists and trainees seeking to venture into biotech entrepreneurship.

Biomedical scientists and individuals with a passion for developing biotech start-ups.

WACCBIP believes in the power of diverse perspectives and backgrounds in driving innovation. Therefore, the programme welcomes individuals from various walks of life, fostering an inclusive environment where creativity and collaboration flourish. 

Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a young professional eager to explore the realms of biotech entrepreneurship, the programme provides a platform for growth and discovery.

– Duration: The programme spans a five-day intensive boot camp, followed by a two-month incubation and mentorship programme at the University of Ghana.

  • Biotech Entrepreneurship Training Course (5 Days
  • Comprehensive training in essential entrepreneurial skills.
  • In-depth sessions led by industry experts.
  • Biotech Start-up Incubation Programmes (2 Months)
  • Dedicated support and resources for business growth.
  • Mentorship from experienced professionals.
  • Access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders.

The assessment process includes a pitch competition to select participants for the incubation program and the evaluation of applied knowledge and skills in developing biotech ideas. 

This multifaceted approach ensures that the most promising and capable individuals are identified, setting the stage for a transformative journey into the world of biotech entrepreneurship.

Application Deadline for WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme 2024 

January 21, 2024 is the application deadline for WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme 2024 .

How to Apply for WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme 2024 

For detailed information and to initiate the application process, please visit the WACCBIP website here. The application process is streamlined to ensure accessibility, and all relevant details can be found on the dedicated section of the WACCBIP website. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to be part of a program that promises to shape the future of biotechnology in Africa.

Ignite your passion, unlock your potential, and join us on this transformative journey into the exciting realm of biotech entrepreneurship. WACCBIP Biotech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme: where innovative ideas become thriving enterprises, and where the future of biotech in Africa is shaped. Apply now and be a part of the biotech revolution!

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