How to park your car to avoid repo

February 17, 2024

car loans utilize your car
as collateral, so in the event that you don’t make your payments as agreed
upon, the lender has the right to legally seize the car. This can happen even
if you simply miss one payment. As a result, you may be wondering how to hide
your vehicle from being repossessed; after all, if it’s not there, it can’t be

If you need to catch up on
your car payments, the lender has the legal authority to repossess your car.
You may reduce your chance of having your car repossessed by being picky about
where you park. This post will offer some practical advice on parking your car
to prevent repo and protect it from any seizures.

Ways to park your car to avoid

Let’s examine several
strategies you may use to conceal your vehicle from repossession. 

Store it safely in your garage.

Keeping your car secured in
your garage is one of the greatest methods to keep it hidden from repossession.
If the repo man has to break into your garage to acquire your car, he cannot
return it. It might be temporarily protected against repossession by locking it
within your garage. But if parked outside, it may be taken back at any time.

Trade your vehicle for a friend
who lives in a different state

You can buy yourself some
time to pay off your debt by trading your car for a buddy who lives in a
distant state. This is a short-term solution, though, since advances in
technology have made it quite simple to locate and monitor cars, even when they
are located across state lines.

Take Out the Car’s GPS Tracker

Most contemporary cars come
equipped with trackers, which the repo guy may employ to locate and take back
the car. You may prevent repossession by hiding your car by taking out the
tracking device. Find the installation location of the auto tracker and take it


After that, be sure to
store your vehicle in an unreachable secure location. Using this car
repossession method, you may have more time to arrange your finances and make
up any missing payments.

Park Your Vehicle in a Chained or
Gated Complex

You can use this loophole
to prevent the repo guy from taking your car. You can stop creditors from
obtaining the car by parking it in a gated or chained property and closing the

Give Your Neighbor the Car

You could use one of the
loopholes in auto repossession laws to give your neighbour the car to use or
conceal in their garage. You can temporarily prevent the car from going into
repossession since you aren’t driving it.

Car Sale

Your car may be repossessed
if you experience financial difficulties and cannot repay your loan. You can
utilize the proceeds from the sale of your car to settle the outstanding loan
balance to prevent this. By taking this action, you will keep your car from
being repossessed and spare yourself from any further fees associated with
hiding it from creditors.

Stay in contact with your creditor

Always stay in contact with
your creditor on upcoming payments so that any misunderstandings over missed
deadlines may be avoided if a problem should occur with the repayment terms
outlined in the original contract agreement(s).

When Can You Expect a Car

After you miss payments on
a loan, creditors in several jurisdictions have the right to seize your car.
Though the meaning of “default” differs from loan to loan, it may
occur as soon as thirty days from the last payment date.


Repossession is less likely
to happen quickly, as it is in your creditors’ best interest to start making
monthly payments again. To prevent your car from being repossessed so soon, you
can take advantage of various loopholes related to auto repossession.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal for Me to Hide My Car
from Repo Man?

You risk going to jail for
defying the court if the lender has secured a court order forcing you to turn
over the car, and you resist.


Depending on the state in
which you reside, you can park or conceal your car to purchase extra time to
pay off your loan. Many states only have prohibitions against you for hiding
your car from being repossessed if you do it by intentionally misleading the
bank and disregarding the fact that hiding your car from the repossession firm
is illegal in several places.

How Much Time Will a Repo Man
Spend Looking for My Car?

Most creditors try to find
the vehicle, have it towed to a tow yard, and hold it for 30 days.

How Can I Park My Car to Keep It
From Being Reposted?

To prevent your car from
getting repossessed, you might store it in a private garage. But if you go out
in public, the repo man can take your car back because they are frequently
permitted to observe your home and follow you around.

What Happens If the Repo Man Never
Finds My Car?

The creditor will submit
court documents and get an order forcing you to relinquish the vehicle if the
repossession agent never discovers your vehicle. Theft charges will follow
noncompliance with this court order.

Can I Repay a Repossession?

Repossession payments can
be paid off, lowering the amount owing and allowing you to remove the item from
your credit report. This can lower your credit score.


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