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February 23, 2024

Indian grocery stores are great starting points
for discovering the colorful world of Indian food. There’s no excuse to pass on
the delicious culinary pleasures that Indian food offers, regardless of whether
you want to buy online or in person at an Indian grocery store.

Indian grocery stores have increased over the
years due to the rising demand for real Indian ingredients. A person’s
fundamental need is groceries. It’s likely only possible for you to go a day
without buying groceries. Due to this, supermarket marketing has expanded,
opening online stores everywhere: Indian grocery stores  are no exception.

You may always explore Indian groceries near you,
if you’re looking for the greatest Indian items. Along with various other
grocery goods, you can discover spices, ready-to-eat meals, instant mixes, fast
food, and much more.

The finest grocery brands have what customers
want to buy. These are a handful of the best-selling Indian grocery brands in
the US, Canada, Australia and UK.

Important Things to Take Into
Account When Selecting an Online Indian Grocery Store

Product Excellence

As you would always want to preserve the quality
of the food you are ingesting as part of your diet, you must first examine the
product quality. Choose an Indian
retailer specializing in premium brands and products and offering fresh

Range of Products

While there are many Indian grocery stores, you
need to choose one with a large variety of goods. This will make it easier for
you to select your goods from a single store rather than visiting several.
Additionally, choosing different retailers allows you to place fewer purchases
and avoid paying shipping fees. 

Client Support

A trustworthy and reputable store prioritizes the
client care they provide. Good grocery packing, speedy delivery, easy return
policies, chat assistance, a hotline, and a timely and efficient response to
customers’ inquiries are all examples of exceptional customer service.


Keep an eye out for the brand names. Choose an
Indian grocery store that offers genuine, premium goods. You may verify their
validity by comparing the brands and goods with what you used in Bangladesh,
Pakistan, or India.

Client Opinion

Reading customer reviews may greatly assist you
in selecting a shop. One great technique to assess the quality of an online
business you are considering is to read reviews.

You may check social media pages for the shop,
other review websites, and the store’s website for reviews and feedback. You
may learn a lot about the selected store from user reviews, which will give
information about the experience, product quality, shipping time, customer
support, and other aspects.

Offers, Sales, and Rebates

Occasionally, you may select a retailer that
offers various discounts, bundles, and deals. Numerous retailers provide their
customers with promotional merchandise and attractive bulk discounts. Your food
shopping expenses will be reduced if you shop at a business that offers
customers several discounts and promotions.

Best Indian grocery store in the

1. Singhcart

The love of Indian food has no geographical
boundaries, and with the modern globalized globe at our disposal, finding real
Indian foods has never been simpler. One of the best internet resources for
American Indian foodies is Singhcart, a well-known company. Singhcart has
completely changed how consumers can get their favorite Indian ingredients and
flavors delivered straight to their houses by offering a wide range of premium
Indian items and quick delivery options.

Singhcart is a gastronomic adventure that
introduces customers to a diverse range of Indian cuisines and customs,
extending beyond an online grocery shop. The following explains why Singhcart
is the best option for Indian grocery delivery in the United States:

2. Patel Brothers

One of the biggest chains of Indian grocery
stores in the United States, Patel Brothers is well-known among Indian
Americans. Patel Brothers has an extensive selection of Indian spices, grains,
flour, snacks, fresh vegetables, and more. They have outlets in several states,
including New York, New Jersey, Texas, and California. The business is renowned
for both its large assortment and top-notch customer support.

3. Apar Bazar

Apna Bazar, which translates to “Our
Market” in Hindi, has made a name for itself as a reliable source of
Indian foods. Apna Bazar, located throughout many states, has an extensive
selection of Indian items, such as frozen Indian snacks, lentils, and basmati
rice. Additionally, the store offers a wide range of local and specialized

4. Subzi Mandi

Subzi Mandi, which means “Vegetable
Market,” is another well-known Indian grocery store brand in the United
States. Their stores are located in Texas, New York, and New Jersey, among
other places. Indian home cooks frequent Subzi Mandi because of its emphasis on
offering fresh food, premium spices, and Indian veggies.

5. Spice Bazaar

Indian grocery stores of the Spice Bazaar brand
are mostly found in California and other West Coast states. This market is well
known for having an extensive assortment of dried fruits, herbs, and spices.
Spice Bazaar is the place to go if you’re seeking uncommon or difficult-to-find
Indian spices.

6. Namaste Plaza

In the Midwest, Namaste Plaza is a well-known
network of Indian grocery stores with sites in Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois.
The establishments are famous for their ready-to-eat Indian dishes, fresh food,
and extensive Indian spices. Namaste Plaza frequently runs exclusive sales and
discounts on various Indian goods.

7. Biryani Factory

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Biryani Factory is
a great choice for individuals searching for Indian grocery stores, even if it
isn’t as popular as other businesses. Locals love it because they have many
Indian spices, cereals, and unique things.

8. Shalimar Grocers

Indian grocery shops in Texas and New Jersey are
part of the Shalimar Grocers franchise. The stores provide a wide variety of
Indian products and prepare Indian dishes. Shalimar Grocers is renowned for its
dedication to authenticity and excellence.

Best Indian grocery store in

Little India Supermarket

Fresh fruit, rice, lentils, spices, and other
traditional Indian goods are all available at this well-known grocery shop.
Little India Supermarket offers a seamless shopping experience with its helpful
personnel and well-arranged shelves.


Indian cuisine fans love SpiceLand because of its
enormous selection of herbs and spices. Everything from cumin and turmeric to
unusual spice mixes that enhance your food may be found here.

Indian Bazaar

For anyone searching for quick and easy Indian
cuisine alternatives, Indian Bazaar is ideal because of its wide assortment of
ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and drinks. To stock up, the shop also has a large
selection of freezer and pantry products.

Toronto Groceries

Indian home cooks like the Spadina Avenue store
because of its extensive selection of spices and supplies. Toronto Grocery
provides everything you need, including hard-to-find products and traditional
Indian masalas.

Healthy Living Market

Healthy Living Market is the best location to go
if you’re seeking natural and organic products. They have many organic Indian
goods, such as grains, lentils, and spices. You may find goods that suit your
health-conscious lifestyle that are of excellent quality and are supplied

Spice Delight

Spice Delight is an essential destination for
those searching for prepared meals and snacks. This shop includes a selection
of prepared Indian dishes and snacks ideal for anyone who wants to savor real
Indian flavors without having to deal with the mess of cooking. Spice Delight
offers a range of alternatives to satiate your appetites, from biryani to

Best Indian grocery store in

Udaya Supermarket

With locations in Blacktown, Liverpool, and
Wentworthville, Udaya Supermarket is not only the largest Indian grocery shop
in Australia but also the largest in Sydney. It’s impressive to see their wide
selection of more than 25,000 authentic, pristine Indian, Asian, and Sri Lankan
culinary products. Their Indian grocery shop in Sydney is a rare find that
cannot be missed, especially if you have a taste for Asian food, even if they
do not presently accept internet orders.

Little India Supermarket

Little India Supermarket is a well-known Indian
grocery shop in Wentworthville, Sydney. It offers a variety of foods from Sri
Lanka, India, and Fiji, along with ready-to-eat food items and Bollywood rental
films. Little India Supermarket is the place to go for anything Indian, with
over 10,000 goods from Gujarat, Punjab, Sri Lanka, and South India.

Kishan Mini Mart

Kishan Mini Mart is an Indian grocery shop in
Australia. It is well-known for its high-quality merchandise and welcoming
customer service. It is conveniently situated near the Wentworthville train

This Sydney store offers a huge range of Indian
foods, including freshly ground spices, lentils, dairy products, flours,
drinks, pooja supplies, rice, tasty snacks, delicious Indian sweets, and much

Radhe Wholesale & Retail

One of the largest Indian grocery stores in
Sydney, which is growing its network, is Radhe Wholesale & Retail. With a
history spanning more than 14 years, the business has prospered by providing
Indian residents in the city with high-quality goods at reasonable costs.
Additionally, if you purchase at their online store, they provide grocery
delivery services to your home.

Renowned for being one of Australia’s best Indian
grocery stores, Radhe Wholesale & Retail has a large range of Indian and
subcontinental goods, such as rice, chapatis, lentils, flour, spices, pickles,
dried fruits, frozen dinners, and much more. At their Harris Park location,
they also sell Indian sweets, fresh fruits, and veggies.

Chennai Bazaar

Chennai Bazaar is a dynamic grocery and Indian
supermarket in Australia, providing a wide range of Asian, Pakistani, Indian,
and Sri Lankan culinary items. Authentic and fresh items such as unusual
spices, savory sauces, aromatic rice, robust lentils, crunchy snacks, delicious
sweets, and much more are on their shelves.

At Chennai Bazaar, you may find a wide assortment
of real Indian goods, gifts, handicrafts, puja materials, clothes, DVDs, and
takeout food. Given its affordable costs and outstanding customer support, it
is not surprising that Chennai Bazaar has grown to be one of Sydney’s most
well-known Indian grocery stores.

Best Indian grocery store in UK


This brand provides dried fruits and premium
Indian lentils at affordable costs. NATCO is well-known in several grocery item
departments and provides a variety of lentil varieties along with other Indian
culinary products.

MDH MDH is mostly recognized for its spices. The
MDH items are a good option for searching for reliable and competitively priced

Nearly all Indians residing in the UK are
familiar with the Dabur brand. Since joining the supermarket business, Dabur
has had significant success. Dabur goods have always been reasonably priced.
Dabur sells many products, including food items, oil, and toothpaste.


This brand sells distinctive and high-quality
culinary items. Panjeeri Ladoo, Murukku Crunchy Rice Flour Sticks, Moong Dal
Burfi, and many other sweet and spicy culinary items are available at
Haldiram’s. In the UK, Haldiram’s is one of the most popular Indian supermarket
brands due to its exclusive formula.


Britannia is one of the first companies in India
to provide premium and distinctive food products. Britannia biscuits will
always be around, regardless of how many businesses come and go. Britannia’s
Good Day cookies have a distinct flavour only the brand offers.


FUDCO is a reputable company in the United
Kingdom. As a result of the favourable feedback left by consumers, FUDCO is
currently among the most popular brands in the UK. The fact that FUDCO
exclusively sells standard-marked products is the cause of this.


In addition to a large selection of rice and
spices, sauces and condiments, and other culinary categories, Kohinoor is
well-known for its Basmati rice. Kohinoor is a leading grocery brand since it
offers high-quality items.

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