Top Five (5) Free legal artificial intelligence

February 16, 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape, attorneys are continuously seeking methods to improve productivity and remain on the cutting edge. Utilizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) tools is one method to do this.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a phrase used to describe technology that can do jobs that people often
accomplish. While AI systems are sometimes less intelligent than people, they
are adept at some tasks, such as playing chess or identifying music.

AI is changing the legal profession from contract analysis and legal research to document evaluation. In
this post, we’ll look at the top AI tools for attorneys which can help you
increase productivity and enhance your profession. These AI solutions will
improve your daily workload regardless of whether you operate alone or for a
big law firm.

Best Free legal artificial
intelligence Solutions

1.  Humata

The limited capabilities
included in Humata’s free edition are intended to simplify a lawyer’s work
without going over budget. It’s a good place to start when automating your
workflow, from summarizing lengthy case laws to providing rapid-fire Q&A.


With Humata‘s AI capabilities, laborious chores like studying past
case laws, writing reports, or examining contracts become easy clicks to


How is that accomplished?
By packaging predictive analytics characteristics and using vector embeddings
for semantic searches. The free version lets you quickly scan your texts and
choose which ones are worth reading in more detail.


You may obtain a clear,
concise summary of every file, prompt responses to your inquiries, and even
help writing reports when you use Humata. Consider how much more you could do
(or enjoy) if you work in a field where time is frequently paid by the hour.

2.  Legalese Decoder

Natural language processing
(NLP) and machine learning (ML) are used in this program to scan your legal
papers and provide a plain English translation. It functions similarly to
Google Translate but for legal jargon. It begins by decomposing complex text
into essential terms and ideas.


Next, simple definitions
are provided by utilizing an integrated library of legal terminology. It uses
more readable, straightforward language to rephrase your legal document.
Instantaneously grasp documents written in simple English. You become the
unsung hero your clients didn’t know they needed when you can interpret a
contract in plain English on the spot.


Eliminate a lot of time by
not having to go through every word of a complicated contract. You may simplify
that complex text in a few minutes using
. Client meetings change the game
since you can quickly provide condensed explanations and concentrate on
strategy and decision-making.

3.  Ferret AI

The free version may give
you a sneak preview of AI-driven contract inspection. It highlights obvious
problems but skips over the specifics. Their extensive database of white-collar
offenses, court documents, and press archives is unavailable. However, it’s a
start, and it’s free.


With Ferret you can get a quick summary of your contracts’ possible
problems and simple victories. It will identify the apparent things, but you’ll
need to upgrade for deeper explorations.


Certain services like
relationship intelligence and vast data archives won’t be available in the free

4.  Paralegal AI

Paralegal AI is
intended to carry out standard legal duties, including email authoring,
scheduling, and basic research without human participation. There will be no
human mistake in the quality of your drafts or timetables.


As a Legal adviser you must
plan client meetings, send out regular contact, and conduct baseline research.
However, you also have to get ready for tomorrow’s important deposition. This
is where Paralegal AI comes into play, doing the tedious tasks so you can focus
your energies where they matter most.

5.  ChatGPT from OpenAI

Unexpected circumstances
like “Oh snap, is this even legal?” may be quickly resolved using
ChatGPT.  It is intended to provide
guidance by referencing a vast collection of legal precedents and often-asked issues;
it functions similarly to a talking law book but with much more style.


ChatGPT provides
immediate support to help you understand complex legalese. ChatGPT can handle
several requests at once without becoming fatigued.

How to select the best AI
Solution for legal team

There is no
one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the ideal AI solution for your in-house
legal staff. Here are some specifics on what to look for in an AI technology
that can help you become more productive.

1.   Comply with the demands of the team

of task:
Are you seeking a
specialist or a generalist? For those who work mostly with contracts, Ferret is
a great tool. Humata might be your first choice if you require a little of

     Scale: Little group with few resources? Select a tool
with a wide range of functionality. Specialized technologies that are
integrated into current workflows benefit larger teams.

of skill:
There is a severe
learning curve for several tools. Verify that your team can readily adapt to
the technology you choose. Having to pay for something that nobody uses is the
last thing you want to happen.

2. Consider important aspects

Verify the tool’s
handling of your private information. GDPR compliance and encryption are

A stylish,
user-friendly interface may greatly decrease the amount of time spent on

     Integration: Can this product easily integrate with your
present setup? It is not desirable to switch between 10 distinct platforms.

3. Applicability in real life

Businesses will always
want to position themselves as the newest and greatest. Read user evaluations
to obtain unbiased thoughts on how the product works in actual situations.

     Scalability: As your team expands or your demands change, be
sure the tool can change, too.

4. Resources and assistance

     Budget: Free is wonderful, but occasionally, a barrier
hides your required services. Verify that the tool will work within your
financial limits.

When things go wrong,
having a quick-thinking customer service staff may save your life. Something
useful to keep in your back pocket at all times .


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