November 27, 2021

Poetry Day 330: Where Lies Your Allegiance?

 Image: ElephangoDay 330.Where lies your allegiance?People or money?Where lies your obedience?Anybody or somebody?Where goes your defiance?Religion or a deity?Where goes your love?The Devil below or the Lord above?Where lies your…

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November 26, 2021

Poetry Day 319: Look For Options

 Image: Science CareDay 319.So then we look for options.Breaking the pact with God and making a deal with the devil.Not because we want to, because we have to."You make it…

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November 19, 2021

Poetry Day 312, The Void

Image: Day 312.I tried to drown my demons with alcohol but damn, those demons can swim.Depression is a surfer, Anxiety is a scuba diver.I tried to run them out of…

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August 14, 2021

Poetry: Exit On A Highway

 Photo credit: DreamstimesEXIT ON A HIGHWAYThere come a heat wave, then rain,There come a heat wave Then rain,At the gallows spot Comes a great biker Who dives into the great axlesOf metals and tyres.There…

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December 29, 2020

Poem: The Pledge

 The Pledge As I climb above pubertyI pledge to tall dad’s levelOur Lord of mercenariesThe hearts he ownsTheir obsequiousnessMust I abnegate those privileges?I won’t silly stomach such a storyDad’s take-home is…

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December 20, 2020

Poem: Bloody Wings Of A Butterfly

Born on the 'big' plank of wet shadeShared all the capitalists corkTwinkled in the vineyard of wealthFrom bloody sweat of the poorA sore taste of accomplishmentRealized in the upper age…

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