How to make a slideshow on tiktok

March 7, 2024

TikTok is useful for more than just viral short videos. You may apply the TikTok style to still photographs with TikTok slideshows.

The creative possibilities in the world of TikTok, which is well-known for its viral films, go beyond
simply shooting. Although voiceovers and filters are commonplace on TikTok,
turning your images into a captivating slideshow opens up new creative possibilities.

Despite its major reputation for videos, TikTok is a great medium for visual storytelling through photos. When used carefully, slide shows may both engage your audience and provide information in a visually appealing and dynamic way.

We have the answers you need if you’re wondering how to make TikTok slideshows that work. This post will discuss creating visually stunning TikTok slideshows that will improve your content production.

Why use slideshow on Tiktok

You may lead your audience
through a process, a milestone, or a whole day, minute by minute, with a
slideshow featuring funny subtitles and unusual emoticons.

Here are 3 advantages of
TikTok slideshows: Although short films are the current trend, slideshows are
still very popular on TikTok.

Simple to make

Making slideshows doesn’t
involve highly skilled tech, unlike taking pictures or editing films, which
call for specific footage and editing abilities. You may quickly create a
TikTok slideshow by gathering several photos or brief videos, adding text,
music, and other effects, and then sharing them.

Goal oriented

TikTok slideshows are an
adaptable format for showcasing moments shot in still images, whether you want
to highlight a process, advertise various products, or relive your best trips.

Whatever your sector, you
can produce visually stunning picture slideshows that captivate your audience
and help them realize your goal. For instance, UK streetwear company 8azmo made
a TikTok slideshow to feature retro football attire that resonates with its
target market.

Strong effect

TikTok slideshows provide
creators with a creative substitute for videos in terms of storytelling and
audience engagement.

With the help of this
versatile tool, you can convey more detailed narratives than you could with a
single image. The slideshow is simple to navigate at your speed, much like
browsing through a digital photo album.

The more time you invest in
creating your content, the closer the connection between you and your readers
will be.

Simple steps to creating a
slideshow on TikTok

You’ll need the TikTok app,
an account, and some excellent images to get started on yours. Then, use the
built-in slideshow maker in the app by following the instructions below.

1. Launch the application

Download and install the
TikTok app from the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android phone or
tablet. This is available for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) as well.


Next, to open the app, tap
the TikTok symbol.

2. Press the “+” icon

The TikTok in-app video
editor can then be accessed by tapping the + (plus sign) at the bottom of the

3. Tap on “upload”

Look through Interesting Items

To choose every piece of media you wish to
include in your TikTok presentation, tap the “Upload” button. You can
choose several files from the mobile phone gallery using the interface.

Compose a Masterpiece

The next step is to write your slideshow. The
order in which your photos or videos display in the slideshow can be changed.
To accomplish this, tap-hold the file you wish to relocate, then drag it to the
desired location.

Give it some filter

You can touch on the Filters icon to apply
filters and other effects to your slideshow right away if you think they will
improve its appearance. You can add effects by clicking on the Effects button,
which is located on the bottom left.

Set The final Adjustments To

Each slide has a duration of three seconds thanks
to the TikTok feature. You can adjust it by clicking on Duration and entering
the desired duration for each individual slide.


Moreover, you may add text, stickers, or
background music to your slideshow by selecting the appropriate options from
the menu.

7. Post and Preview

After adjusting the aforementioned parameters,
it’s time to proofread your content before posting it. When everything is in
order, you may proceed to publish your post by tapping the Post button.

Tips and tricks for creativity
slides on tiktok

Use specialized audio and video
editors to record and edit your TikTok videos.

Although the TikTok app
allows you to produce TikTok videos, its native editing features are
restricted. There’s a better method to create your videos if you want more
sophisticated customization and options like Descript’s integrated audio and
video editor.

Select the right content

The cornerstone of any
post, whether it’s a TikTok video or a slideshow, is selecting content that
appeals to the audience.

The secret to doing this
properly is to accurately define your target demographic and then stay up to
date on the latest trends.

Make Transitions That Are Engaging

Here’s another way to
maintain audience interest on a slide without packing it full of content. You
can experiment with various transition effects, including flips, zooms, and
fades. This contributes to the visual appeal and dynamic appeal of your slideshow.

Align Changes with the
Tempo of the Song

It’s always a good idea to
add some beats to your slideshow so that viewers can groove to it. The audience
is able to experience the images in a new way thanks to the beats or music.
Furthermore, the effect of the slideshow is increased by the music.

Final Thoughts

Slideshows are a useful
tool for adding fun and creativity to your TikTok content. Make it engaging by
combining images and videos, and make sure your TikTok slideshows stick in the
minds of viewers by following the instructions in this article.

Now is the time for you to
start experimenting with music, transitions, slideshows, effects, and filters!

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