How to make electricity in little alchemy

March 6, 2024

Little Alchemy is a great option to have fun when
you do not have many things to do. It is also a great game for kids who can add
to their knowledge with this interactive game.

If you want to know how to make electricity in
Little Alchemy, read through to the end of the article.

The Little Alchemy game basically consists of
four elements at the start, and by mixing them, you can create more elements.
As per the new updates of the game, the current version of the game consists of
up to 589 elements.

According to the Little Alchemy Fandom website,
“The game is based on an extremely old tradition of Alchemy.”

There are many ways you can make electricity in
Little Alchemy. In this post, we will provide you with information on how to
make electricity in Little Alchemy from scratch and some of the recipes for
electricity in Little Alchemy. 

Furthermore, you will also get an idea of the
usage of electricity in different elements and their recipes.

How to make electricity in little

If you follow the above steps, you can create
electricity from the four elements that you get at the start.


Step 1: Create Metal

Earth + Fire = Lava

Air + Lava = Stone

Fire + Stone = Metal

Step 2: Create Energy

Air + Fire = Energy

Step 3: Create Electricity from
the result of Step 1 and Step 2

Metal + Energy = Electricity

Other Ways Of Making Electricity
In Little Alchemy

Here are some of the recipes with which you can
create electricity in Little Alchemy:


Solar cell + Sun = Electricity

Solar cell + Light = Electricity

Wind turbine + Wind = Electricity

Applications Of Electricity In
Little Alchemy

Here is a list of recipes where you need
electricity, or you need to create electricity beforehand, to create certain


The elements and their recipes are given below:

Chainsaw = Axe + Electricity

Blender = Blade + Electricity

Computer = Electricity + Nerd

Clock = Time + Electricity

Electrician = Human + Electricity

Electric car = Car + Electricity

Electric eel = Fish + Electricity

Cotton candy = Sugar + Electricity

Frankenstein = Electricity +

Frankenstein = Electricity +

Glass = Sand + Electricity

Fridge = Electricity + Cold

Lawn mower= Electricity + Scythe

Light = Electricity + Flashlight

Light = Electricity + Light bulb

Light bulb = Electricity + Glass

Lightsaber = Electricity + Sword

Sewing machine = Electricity +

Ozone = Electricity + Oxygen

Taser = Gun + Electricity

Storm = Cloud + Electricity

Vacuum cleaner = Broom +

Wire = Electricity + Metal

Wind turbine = Windmill +

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